Are You Getting The Most Out of Your Social Security Benefits?

There are literally thousands of different combinations on how and when to claim your Social Security benefits. The difference between the best and worst case scenarios could mean tens of thousands of dollars in your pocket. Tyson Thacker from BOSS Retirement Solutions sat down with Brian Carlson to talk about why it's important to have someone who's on your side.  The Social Security Administration is actually forbidden to offer you any advice, so you're totally on your own if you don't! 
BOSS makes it easy to ensure you don't leave tens of thousands of dollars on the table.The answers are in a free report called The Social Security Decisions Guide. The guide will tell you … (1) exactly how and when to claim your benefits; (2) if you're eligible for other benefits that could mean thousands of additional benefits in your pocket every year; AND (3) how you could reduce, or eliminate paying taxes on your benefits.
If you've saved $100,000 for retirement, call (801) 701-88-81 to get your free report right now.
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