A Unique Romantic Comedy Series To Watch This Valentine's Day

Actor, writer, comedian and producer, Greg Poehler is probably best known for his role in the hit comedy show 'Welcome To Sweden'. Currently, he writes for and stars in the romantic comedy series titled 'You Me Her'. Between his clever writing and the show's unique premise, fans can't get enough. In our sponsored segment, we sat down with Greg to discuss season 2 of 'You Me Her' and how he connected to the role. 

'You Me Her' is about a suburban couple, Jack and Emma, who agree to accept a third member into their relationship -- a spirited woman named Izzy. The show puts a unique spin on dating and relationships by questioning the possibility of poly amorous relationships. Despite the controversial setting, the show is less crude than people would think. It's very much a romantic comedy that everyone can watch and enjoy. 

Don't miss the season 2 premiere this Valentine's Day at 8:30pm ET on the Audience Network.

To catch up on season 1, watch episodes on DIRECTV or click HERE.

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