Have you noticed water damage on your walls or flooring? It may be due to a plumbing leak. Leaks can be difficult to locate because they may not be located in the area of the visible damage. Your home's plumbing is probably located inside its walls. Although this may make repairs or replacement difficult, a qualified plumber should be able to locate and repair the problem. If necessary, he can replace damaged pipes. Your pipes may be copper or polymer of vinyl chloride, known as p-v-c. The most common plumbing pipe used today is p-v-c. This durable hard plastic resists rust and corrosion and doesn't contain lead. Modern plumbing is well vented through your home's roof. This allows for proper drainage and to keep sewer gases from escaping into your home. Another safety feature of modern plumbing is the 'air gap.' This is the space between a water faucet and standing water. The air gap helps prevent bacteria from backing into the water supply. Another plus of modern plumbing is correct water pressure for showers and appliances.

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