Celebrity Birthdays, December 8th

Celebrity Birthdays, December 8th

Teri Hatcher shares her birthday with a famous queen and two NASCAR drivers.

Celebrity Birthdays, Past and Present, December 8th (b. followed by date means celebrity is deceased)

Horace, ancient Greek satirist and poet, b.65BC

Mary, Queen of Scots, British royal, b.1542

Jean Sibelius, Finnish composer, b.1865

James Thurber, American humorist, b.1894

Sammy Davis, Jr., American singer/actor, b.1925

Maximillian Schell, American actor, 79

David Carradine, American Kung Fu actor, b.1936

James Galway, Irish-born flutist, 71

Jenny Linden, English actress, 71

Jim Morrison, American singer with The Doors, b.1943

Bill Bryson, American author, 59

Kim Basinger, Oscar-winning American actress, 57

Warren Cuccurullo, American guitarist of Duran Duran fame, 54

Teri Hatcher, American actress and star of Desperate Housewives, 46

Sinead O'Connor, Irish singer, 44

Kevin Harvick, NASCAR driver, 35

Dominic Monaghan, English actor and former star of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, 34

Ryan Newman, NASCAR driver, 33

Ian Somerhalder, American actor and star of The Vampire Diaries, 32

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