Supporters are launching a campaign to draft Romney for 2016

- SALT LAKE CITY, Utah- (ABC 4 Utah) – Speculation of a Mitt Romney run in 2016 is growing.

It's not being fueled by him, but supporters who insist he is the right person for the job.

After two failed attempts at the presidency supporters are thinking the third time's the charm.

"Just like Ronald Reagan was ahead of his time and people finally caught up, the same is with Governor Romney. Governor Romney has been right on the issues and I think it's just taking a little bit of time for Americans to catch up."

That's why Utah Republican Party Chair, James Evans and others are rallying the troops even though Romney himself has said no.

"We want to put together the environment where he's asked by the collective Republican Party to run," said Evans.

They are launching the national Draft Mitt campaign to get people onboard.

Evans believes with the party's backing, Romney would answer the call to duty.

Kirk Jowers has worked closely with the Romney campaign over the years as the Chairman of his leadership PAC’s.

"I take him at his word that he is moving to the next chapter of his life. It's almost impossible to ask of anyone to run again for a third time," said Jowers.

While he thinks the chances are slim Jowers says he certainly understands the interest based on national polls.

"If the election were to happen today he supposedly would beat Obama handily and he also beats all comers in the Republican Party by at least a dozen points," said Jowers.

Evans and others are confident he will get that chance.

"I am certain that if Governor Romney is asked to run for president that he will do it," said Evans.

The Draft Mitt campaign will officially kick off nationwide next month, but the website is already up and running.

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