Do the Right Thing Nominee

This month's nominee for Do the Right Thing is Laura Western!

Here is what her friends, family and co-workers want everyone to know about her and why they feel Laura should be the next to be honored as Doing the Right Thing: 

Laura Western joined JDRF in October of 2001 as the Executive Director of the Utah Chapter. The Utah Chapter also covers a large portion of the state of Idaho as well. Laura loves the challenges of being an Executive Director and enjoys working with her great staff team. She takes her professional responsibilities seriously and feels very passionate about working diligently each day so that someday a cure will be found for those who live with T1D. (Type-1 Diabetes)

Laura was born in Salt Lake City, Utah but was raised and grew up in Hayward, California. She moved to the Salt Lake area during her last year of high school. Laura has been married to her husband Mike, a firefighter/ paramedic for 32 years. Mike and Laura are the proud parents of sons, Colby and Jordan. They also have two darling dogs…..LolaBella and Daisy Duke that drive both of them nuts but make them happy.

Laura loves to travel the World, try new foods and embrace new cultures. She loves to read, paint, crochet, bake, belly dance and try new things. She loves to learn and will often be found trying to develop a new talent.

Laura has spent her career working in multiple arenas including accounting, corporate client management, operations and non-profit work. The work Laura has done at JDRF for the past twelve years has been the most fulfilling.

"I believe that you only get to do something truly amazing once or twice in your life. The work we do at JDRF is incredible and impactful to those living with T1D. I am proud and honored to work as the Utah Chapter Executive Director. I feel fully confident that the work we do, one day will lead to a cure".
Laura Western

About Laura:

Laura is dynamic, energetic and achievement-focused. She excels in client relations, community affairs, operational management and fundraising. She has outstanding ability to cultivate volunteers, solicit major gifts and work with corporations as well as individuals. She is creative, organized and goal driven. And most important, she genuinely cares about everyone, goes out of her way to make people feel valuable.
Her passion & desire is what fuels her drive towards finding a cure for T1D.

A Few Quotes:

What I love about Laura is her love for the kids. The T1D kids are what has fueled her on to success. She knows them by name and has been involved in many of their lives. She makes each child feel important.
Board President, Carol Hatch

What I love most about Laura is her collaborative spirit, her ability to be an amazing "team player," and her deep passion & unwavering advocacy on behalf of the kids and adults who live with T1D. - Jenny Mackenzie, Ph.D

Laura is inclusive of everyone and makes everyone feel cared about, important, and special
Catherine Arik, Zions Bank

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