Your Facial Hair May Say A Lot About You, According to Author

When it comes to facial hair, there is practically no limit to what a man can choose to wear. But what do those personal choices say about you? No one knows more about the latest facial hair trends than pognologist (beard scholar), Dr. Allan Peterkin.

He has written three best-selling books on facial hair, including One Thousand Mustaches-A Cultural History of the Mo. And, he shared his thoughts with Nicea on Today's Daily Dish Friday.

1. Stubble- The most popular form of facial hair expression right now, because "it looks good on almost all faces." And you get to have it both ways, you aren't all beard, but you're not clean-shaven. It says:You're trendy, and know what's going on.

2. Moustache- The style originally started as a cultural expression in other parts of the world like the Middle East, but American men eventually hopped on the "stash" train. It says: You're a rebel, provocative, and you don't care what people's pre-conceived ideas of you are.

3. Full groomed beard- If it's in tip-top maintained shape it looks good on lots of men.
It conveys classic masculinity, so much so, that in Saudi Arabia men will spend big money on beard transplants. It says: You're not a show off, you prefer to be quietly confident.

4. Wild and untamed- It's a bold expression that shows you're a real man and you want the world to know it. Big with college kids, the gay culture, and entertainment. Just look at those Swamp People…their beards are bigger than the gators! It says: You're a rule breaker, a free spirit, you want people to look, fawn, and ask about your trophy beard.

5. Clean-Shaven- Peterkin believes that facial hair trends cycle every 20 years, and that the smooth face will be trending again soon. It says: You're a classic, and you don't have to break rules to make your point.

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