Utah Mom Helping to Create "The Pocket Physician" App for Chronic Health Conditions

Tammy and Joseph Bowers, of Lehi, are the proud parents of Landon.  He's four years old now, but his life has been a struggle.  When Landon was born, the Bowers were told he had a very rare and aggressive form of heart disease called "Leopard Syndrome".  Doctors told them he probably would not survive long.

That's when the parents decided they would do everything they could to fight for their son's life.  They got him on the heart transplant list.  They call it a miracle that he got his heart through a donor, and that the new heart was accepted by his body.

Landon's rare heart syndrome is a daily struggle and he needs constant medical care and doctor visits.  Tammy was trying to juggle it all, and realized there should be an app to help her and others dealing with similar chronic conditions. When she went to the iPhone store, she realized she had to download a handful of apps to get everything she needed.   So, she began creating the first all-in-one medical app called The Pocket Physician.

Tammy is now working with TekVitals in Orem, a technology company to launch her app.  But to make it a reality, she needs to raise money.  You can donate to the project on: Indiegogo.

To learn more about it, please visit: The Pocket Physician.

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