Utah 'Creature Creator' Taking Part in the TV Reality Show 'Jim Henson's Creature Shop Challenge'

Russ Adams is a self-taught "creature creator".  He brings zombies, werewolves and other scary creatures to life.  And now, he's on the TV reality show "Jim Henson's Creature Shop Challenge".  Each week the contestants have to put together a different creature from scratch, in just a few days.

The winner receives a prize of up to $100,000, and a contract to work at Jim Henson's Creature shop.  But, Adams can't give away the secret about who wins.

Adams founded Escape Design Studios in Ogden about fifteen years ago.  There, he works on products for independent films.  For more information, please visit: Escape Design Studio's Website.

Adams will be taking part in FanX, which is in Salt Lake City from April 17th to April 19th.  He is doing a Zombie Processing Station.  This event is designed to compliment AMC's Walking Dead.  Comic Con attendees will be transformed into the walking dead, and get their picture taken with the AMC stars.  There will be 140 makeups over the three days of the event, so space is limited.

For more information, please visit: Facebook.com/zombie.processing.station.

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