Success - Everyone Wants It, But What's the Secret to Getting It? Here are Some Clues

Success -- Everyone wants it, but what's the secret to getting it?  Relationship Coach Val Baldwin has put together some of the common things successful people do.

She says, according to psychology experts, there are specific traits successful people have - or "winners" as we like to call them. Once you know the secrets of these winners, you'll be well on your way to becoming one too. Here they are:

Winners believe they deserve what they get. When it comes to success, what you believe you deserve is exactly what others will strive to give you.

Winners give unconditionally. They aren't compelled to keep score. They give because of the joy it brings them and others. They don't believe they can ever exhaust their resources. And because they give so generously, people naturally want to give back.

Winners go the extra mile. Winners never give up and they don't say, "that's not my job." They're always willing to try something different and perform great under stress. And because they're always prepared to push the envelope beyond what others are willing to do, they're generously rewarded.

Winners assess others accurately. They listen, learn how to read body language, tune into the needs of others and respond to people individually. Because of this, when winners ask for something, the people who feel good around them are likely to respond positively to their requests.

Winners know their boundaries and will defend them. And a big part of this is time-management. Winners aren't shy about confronting people who try to interfere with their schedule. And this assertiveness reflects the regard they have for themselves. Because they exude power graciously, people rarely try to push them beyond their limits.

If you'd like to contact Val, please visit: Val Baldwin.

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