Where is Bobbi Ann Campbell?

Where is Bobbi Ann Campbell?

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 News) - Sixteen years ago, a young mother left her daughter with a friend to run an errand. She never returned. That daughter is now on a crusade and one detective is determined to answer the question: "Where is Bobbi Ann Campbell?"
SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 News) - Sixteen years ago, a young mother left her daughter with a friend to run an errand. She said she was going to the bank to cash a check and do some grocery shopping. She never returned.

Her disappearance is now one of Utah’s unsolved cases.

Bobbi Ann Campbell was a single mom who, according to everyone who knew her, adored her four year-old daughter. Bobbi’s daughter, Stephanie Cook, is a married woman with a career. She also has clear memories of the brief time she spent with her mother.

“I can still hear her laugh in my head and that’s probably the biggest thing to me,” says Stephanie Cook.

Cook rejects the suggestion that her mother abandoned her.

“She’d never put me in danger. She was always there for me. She’s my best friend,” said Cook.

Detective Todd Park of the Unified Police department has been working the case for more than a year. Even this veteran investigator with a long history of breaking some of the toughest cases admits he's frustrated by this mystery.

“We have no good clear-cut reason that she has disappeared,” says Park. “All we know is she left to go pick up a check and she never returned.”

It was two days after Christmas when Bobbi went to run her errand. Within 48 hours, family members filed a missing person report. There was never a massive search. Bobbi's whereabouts became a matter of speculation and rumor among her family and friends.

Detective Park has pored over every note and studied every clue on this case. One police detective's note reports what Park considers an unlikely sighting within days of Bobbi's disappearance - an appearance at a civil case hearing in a Lehi courtroom. Yet another note in the investigation file quotes a friend of Bobbi Campbell, saying she encountered Bobbi at Liberty Park and had a brief conversation with her.

We asked Detective Park about the odds of Campbell still being alive. He replied, “Well, I think your odds after 48 hours go down severely and we're talking many many years, here."

Campbell’s daughter and loved ones continue to hope that one day they will find her alive and put a close to this unsolved case.

"She's still my mom. She's still a person. She deserves to be found," says Cook.

Detective Park tells ABC 4 that he believes Bobbi Ann Campbell was killed by someone she was associated with and that there are people out there who saw her after July of 1995.

If you have seen or know anything about Bobbi Ann Campbell Detective Park and Stephanie Cook need to hear from you.

Here's how you share what you know:

Go to the Unified Police Department's website.


Click on “Solve a Crime” then click on “Cold Case.”

You can leave an anonymous tip on the e-mail address at any time. You can also contact Detective Park at (801) 743-5850 or Bobbi’s daughter, Stephanie Cook at dixon9314@msn.com.
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