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Search continues for cold case murder suspect Raul Brito

OREM, Utah (ABC 4 News) A man was shot in the head and killed in an Orem home as the suspect stood nearby. Three years later, police are still hopeful they can get their man, and so is the family of the victim.

Unsolved Case: Searching for murder suspect Raul A. Brito

OREM, Utah (ABC 4 News) A man is shot in the head and killed in an Orem home. The suspect is standing nearby. Three years later, the suspect is most likely hundreds of miles away. Orem Police are still hopeful they can get their man, and so is the family of the victim.

"I wasn't even sleeping for an hour when it happened," said 19-year-old Raquel Carrasco who was in the house when it happened. Carrasco can't remember everything that happened the night her 21-year-old uncle, Manuel Saucedo, was shot and killed. But she can still feel the pain. "So painful. So painful. To this day. I couldn't sleep at night after it happened. I had to sleep with my parents because I would wake up and think he was here still," said Carrasco.

The "he" she is referring to is Raul A Brito. He lived in the basement at the time of the December 2007 shooting and according to Orem Police Sgt. Craig Martinez, he is the suspect in Saucedo's death. "The only other person in the room with him at the time was roommate and friend Raul Brito," said Martinez.

Brito, who is also Raquel's godfather, was still at the house when she first saw her uncle's lifeless body. "So, I ran downstairs and I looked to my right and he was shot in the head," said Raquel. But Brito made a quick and quiet escape a few minutes later. ABC 4 asked Sgt. Martinez if anyone saw him take off. His response: "No.They were just in a panic from what had happened, attending to Manuel and calling us and just in the midst of everything going on he slipped out the door."

Police tracked Brito to Mexico - where he has family. Then Brito disappeared, until October of last year. "The case went cold for several years, up to a few months ago. We got a call from Raul - one of our investigators got a call," said Martinez. "He didn't really say what happened, he made inclinations that it was an accident."

Police had hopes of solving the case, but, Martinez says in reality they are no closer than they were three years ago to doing that. "Since the last phone call in October we haven't seen nor talked to him again," said Martinez.

It's a situation that is frustrating for police and, according to Carrasco, for the victim's family. "I want him to pay. I don't hate him, but I don't like him. I just him to pay for what he did," said Raquel. 

To contact the Orem Police Department you can call 801-229-7000 or visit the website http://www.orem.org/police-department/major-crimes for more information.

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