Catch a Criminal October 22, 2012

Catch a Criminal October 22, 2012

Catch a Criminal October 22, 2012
Take a look at this video...its from a burglary of a dental office and the bad guy is still on the loose

The crime happened at an orthodontist office at 7396 South Union Park Ave.

The crook went in about 3:30 in the morning, he stumbles in the dark, running into a chair before he looks directly at the camera..

He later turns on the lights then he realizes he's on camera and unplugs it, taking one final glance into the lens.

The signal then goes dead.
e took a laptop computer and some expensive dental equipment.

The Salt Lake Unified Police Department now needs your help to find this camera shy crook.

Police are also looking for this man. He robbed the *house of huka* at 5318 south state street this weekend by knife point.

He stole 600 dollars.

They are searching for this huka shop robber.

If you know anything about these crimes or recognize the criminals. Call the Midvale Precinct at 385-468-9350...

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