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Workers better off today?

MAGNA Utah (ABC 4 News) - Workers at an annual Labor Day picnic consider their economic plight as presidential election gears up.
MAGNA Utah (ABC 4 News) – There is a feeling of optimism among union workers as they gather at their annual Labor Day picnic.

Hundreds of workers and their families enjoyed a day of rest and entertainment at Magna’s city park.
And many believe the job outlook is much better since President Obama took office.

“Work is good,” said an electrician worker who didn’t want to be identified. “ Everybody that wants a job is working right now. That wasn’t the case four years ago.”

Four years ago, union bosses say jobs were scarce.
But they’ve seen a steady increase in jobs.

"We're starting to see more work picking up especially in the commercial sector in Utah says Brandt Goble of the Painters & Tapers Local 77. “There are brighter days ahead.”

According to union bosses that optimism is evident with a larger than normal turnout for their annual Labor Day picnic.
But not everyone in this pro-democratic gathering is feeling better about themselves.

“We lost some of our contracts because of the economy cutting back and so we don't make as many runs as we did six or seven months ago," says Red Covey a truck driver.

Covey says he’s not voting for President Obama.

At a nearby eatery Marcelino Ruvalcaba says his business is barely surviving.
Ruvalcaba says he was better off four years ago.

“People aren't spending money,” Ruvalcaba says. “I've been here for five years and there's times when I didn't make enough to pay my rent.”

And Gary Larsen, a Tooele mechanic says he's not better off than he was four years ago.

“People are running their cars out further without repairing them,” Larsen says. “We're not getting the normal maintenance.”

But Brandt says those in his trade are getting paychecks.

“That wasn’t the case four years ago,” he says. “And we’re starting to see a rise in salaries. It’s not near what we once had but it’s headed in the right direction.”
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