West Valley woman missing

West Valley woman missing

WEST VALLEY CITY, Utah (ABC4 News) - Friends are worried about a mother who suddenly disappeared.
WEST VALLEY CITY Utah (ABC4 News) – It’s been three days and there is still no sign of Susan Powell.

The married mother of two disappeared Sunday night and police remain puzzled over her disappearance.

“We don’t even know if a crime has been committed,” said Captain T. McLachlan of the West Valley police department.

But her close friends fear the worse.

"We just know something bad has happened because she would never leave her children,” said Kiirsi Hellewell.

Hellewell said she last saw Powell Sunday walking home from church.

The next day she was gone.

“We can't get any sleep,” she said. “We're all sick to our stomachs."

Hellewell said Powell was last seen Sunday night during a family dinner with other friends.

But the next day she said Powell failed to drop her kids off with daycare.

And then she didn't show up for work as well.

"She would never go anywhere without notifying her work,” Hellewell said. “She would told them, called in sick would have called her daycare provider who is very close they're good friends."

Police came to the Powell home Monday morning and when no one answered they feared carbon monoxide poisoning.

They busted out a window to look inside but there was no sign of anyone.

"We're very, very worried, trying to get the word out as much as we can,” Hellewell said.

Monday afternoon at three, she spoke with Josh by phone.

She said he was driving around with the kids.

Hellewell told him about Susan and that he needed to come home.

According to Hellewell it took him two hours to get home.

"There's no words to describe what’s happening,” she said. “You hear about this stuff happening and it’s awful but at least it’s not us until it’s your best friend.”

Hellewell said the Powell family moved into the neighborhood five years ago.

Police said there have never been any calls of domestic violence.

But Hellewell said Susan Powell confided in her last year that she was thinking about a divorce.

“But she said things have been working out lately,” Hellewell said.

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