Victim of gun violence pushing for stronger laws

Victim of gun violence pushing for stronger laws

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 News) - She didn't choose to be part of the gun debate. But in 2007 Carolyn Tuft entered into the arena after her daughter was gunned down at Trolley Square and Tuft was shot several times.
SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 News) – A victim of gun violence is frustrated but sees a glimmer of hope with Congress passing stricter gun laws.

In one night at Trolley Square Carolyn Tuft lost her daughter, her health and happiness.

“I lost everything because of the shooting because of the medical bills and my health,” says Tuft.

Her daughter Kirsten was killed by a lone gunman who killed five and wounded four including Tuft.

“The more that life goes on and see what I'm missing and what she's (Kirsten) missing, time doesn't heal that, not even a little,” says Tuft.

Tuft who recently won a settlement with the pawn shop which sold the weapon to the shooter wants tougher gun laws.

She's even met personally with U.S. Senator Mike Lee.

“He's not one who wants to sign any of the things we've asked him to sign,” she says.

So it doesn't surprise her that Senator Lee tried Thursday to filibuster gun legislation in the senate.

“I showed pictures of my daughter and I could see that he was affected,” says Tuft. He felt sad for us but he's also a guy who likes his guns.”

Tuft knows this will be a lifelong battle.

And she says the bipartisan compromise in the senate which expands background checks is a small victory.

“I'm okay with it,” she says. “Every move we make is a good thing.”

Tuft lives with a broken heart and suffers from the gunshot pellets that are still lodged in her body. She only wishes politicians could understand the suffering needs to stop.

“People feel like we're taking their guns away and we're fighting against the second amendment,” she says. “We're not. We’re trying to make it safer for them and their kids. We don't want anyone to go what we've been through.”
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