Vanocur wears Romney T-shirt to Democratic Convention party!

Charlotte (ABC 4 News) - And lives to tell about it.
CHARLOTTE (ABC 4 News) - At the historic Duke Mansion in Charlotte, a reception was held to welcome Utah Democrats and delegations from other states.

So, we thought it would be interesting to wear a Mitt Romney T-shirt to the event.

Now, the Democrats wouldn't let me in the party but I was able to stand outside and help greet the arriving guests.

Somewhat to our astonishment, almost all the delegates walked by me and my Romney shirt without even noticing it

That is except for one woman who - even more surprisingly - thought it was great.

So, there I stood, as the late afternoon turned into early evening.

It wasn't until the Utah delegation was leaving, that someone finally noticed what I was wearing.

In fact, delegate Jim Gonzales spotted it from about 25 yards away.

Here was our exchange as he passed by:

ABC 4: "How was the party?"

Jim Gonzales: "Very lovely."

ABC 4: "We weren't allowed in."

Gonzales: "No, I don't imagine you were dressed like that."

This is one of those Vanocur stories where you might want to watch the video!


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