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Utah's Democratic Convention delegation and the female vote

Charlotte (ABC 4 News) - This crucial voting bloc may decide the 2012 presidential race.
CHARLOTTE (ABC 4 News) - In Charlotte, Utah's delegates to the Democratic National Convention are still raving about Michelle Obama's speech.

The First Lady brought tears to the eyes of Democratic delegates and also underscored how important the female vote is in this year's presidential election.

Now, obviously, Mitt Romney is going to win Utah.

But in the dozen or so swing states where the presidential election will be won or lost, female voters may decide the election.

When Utah's female delegates see President Obama, they see someone who will fight for equal pay for women, someone who is pro-choice and someone with a progressive attitude to women's rights.

Democratic state legislator Patrice Arent told ABC 4, "I think we'll see a lot of effort to make sure that women vote and that women vote for the president."

Arent isn't alone.

Several Democratic delegates expressed concern about Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.

They worry that electing these two Republicans will mean a step back for the country and for women.

Utahns Donna Weinholtz who sits on the Democratic Rules Committee told us, "Every woman should be on the corner, just like Molly Ivins used to say, with pots and pans and banging them."

Dorothy Engelman from Southern Utah says women do a lot of the organizational work for the party and other things which have to be done.

But this single mom says, she does it for herself, her daughter and for the generations of women yet to come

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