Utah Job Corps' opportunity for young women

Utah Job Corps' opportunity for young women

CLEARFIELD, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) - Great news for young ladies looking to get into the work force.
CLEARFIELD, UTAH (ABC 4 UTAH) - Great news for young ladies looking to get into the work force. Utah Job Corps is enrolling hundreds of students looking for a brighter future. After a three month enrollment freeze Job Corps is looking to enroll over 200 new students, especially young women.

Issa Arnita the Spokesperson for Job Corps says they currently have 213 openings. “We find ourselves at a time where we are way down in female students and never before has there been an opportunity like this for young women 16 to 24 years of age and partake in training and education they get there,” says Arnita.

Participating in Job Corps for the last year 20-year-old Lyndsey Alexander has been studying to be an Electrician. Now, all finished up with her program she is moving on to even bigger opportunities. “It's changed my life in a lot of ways. I didn't really have anything completed when I originally came and now I'm fully completed and I’m going into advanced trade in another Job Corps trade in another Job Corps center in Florida,” says Alexander.

Alexander is among many with a successful story. Kehaulani Flanders has been studying business administration and is also furthering her education. “I'm going to go to Weber State College August 26th where I’d like to do a degree doing business, English and Art.”

With plenty of training programs to choose from students, both men and women, can learn what it takes to work in areas like renewable energy, computer technology, and culinary arts. After completion students not only get certified but Job Corps also helps them find a job. “In addition to the training they get if they don't have their GED or high school diploma they can get that there.

For more information on Job Corps free training program and to find out if you qualify call the Clearfield Job Corps Center at 801-693-2902

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