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Utah Democrats say president hasn't gotten the credit he deserves

CHARLOTTE (ABC 4 News) - Convention delegates say President has improved economy and lives.
CHARLOTTE (ABC 4 News) -Thursday night, Barack Obama will again accept his party's presidential nomination.

In his convention speech, the president will lay out his case for four more years.

We heard it on the first day of the convention and now we are hearing it on the last.

Utah Democrats do not think President Obama has gotten the credit he deserves.

National Committeeman Joe Hatch told us, "Obama, I think, is the finest president of my lifetime."

Delegate Jim Gonzales told ABC 4, "Four years ago, this country was in an economic disaster. We are not there anymore."

Hatch also passionately defends the president's efforts to reform health care, "We've been talking about that as Democrats for 50 years. He put it all on the line and he's being punished for putting it all on the line for that. We've got to honor someone who does that."

So, ABC 4 then asked, why hasn't the president gotten the recognition they say he deserves?

Donna Weinholtz, a member of the Democratic Rules Committee offers this explanation, "I think President Obama has suffered more slings and arrows of disrespect, not only to him personally but to the Office of the Presidency."

So when President Obama speaks to a convention and a nation Thursday night, Utah Democrats will be thinking and talking about four more years.

As Dorothy Engelman, a delegate from Southern Utah, put it, "You really are better off today than you were 4 years ago. Things are getting better. Before they were getting worse."

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