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UTA pilot program tests long term parking

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) - Under a new pilot program set to take flight, your parking problems could be solved.
You have a flight and you would like to use Trax to get to the airport. One challenge is planning for a ride to Trax station. Under a new pilot program set to take flight, your parking problems could be solved.

Utah Transit Authority customers have made their voices heard about making the ride to the airport a better one.

"You don't know when you are going to be able to get a Trax out there or back, so if you could park any where you wanted to that would be awesome," said Dennis Elton, Trax rider

As a result a new pilot program is coming in for a landing...

"People came to us and said you know we like the line, but we'd like to leave our cars overnight in your lots,” said Remi Barron, UTA spokesperson.

Soon that will be an option. UTA is opening certain lots to free, long term parking.

"There are actually 30 lots. It's really all of the front runner and tracks lots minus about half a dozen, “ Barron said.

During the program officials will monitor possible barriers like snow removal and security.
The company insists making sure your car is safe is a priority.

"Our officers are going to step up patrols and we have some video surveillance."

“Make sure valuables are locked, they are not on display in the car and that the cars are locked up," Barron said.

Passengers say they are willing to take to that risk to keep the turbulence to the flight and away from the ride to the airport.

"I usually hire a shuttle, because it's so expensive to park my car there, but this really sounds good, “said Ramu Belide, Trax rider.

The long term parking pilot program begins on Monday July 1. Officials say it will go for about a year and at that point they will reevaluate, but they do expect it to be a long term solution.

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