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UPDATE: Starving Utah County horses

UTAH COUNTY, Utah (ABC 4 News) - We have new information about a group of starving horses in Utah County.
UTAH COUNTY, Utah (ABC 4 News) - We have new information about a group of starving horses in Utah County.

ABC 4 revealed pictures of the dead and dying horses on February 16. They were taken and made public by the Utah County Sheriff's Department.

The horses are much better today. Sgt. Spencer Cannon of the Utah County Sheriff's Department says the animal's ribs are no longer showing because of donations and his departments food assistance.

The animals belong to Trudy and Rory Childs, but the two say they were not responsible for the horses condition. They blamed disease and a man named Justin Barrow.

Barrow cared for the horses for a year and a half.

Veterinarian David Moss said the horses were in fair condition about two months before the child's took back some of the horses.

The were found dead and dying about 5 months after the Childs took the horses back from Barrow.

Trudy was arrested in March and given a year of incarceration. The starving animals broke her probation, which was originally handed down after her horses broke loose from her property.

A judge on Friday was scheduled to decide if the horses would go back to Barrow. He claims the Trudy and Rory failed to pay him for the time he cared for their horses.

The judge ruled the horses remain in the custody of the Utah County Sheriff's Department because they are living evidence into an ongoing criminal investigation.

Cannon said the hearing took several hours. "In some ways there was some progress. In some ways we're still waiting."

"I don't think anything is going to happen with regards to those horses until this criminal investigation is resolved," from Barrow's attorney, Charles Hanna.

You can help the Utah County Sheriff's Department provide food for the horses by clicking on the attached link.

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