Two brothers died together

Two brothers died together

HEBER CITY Utah (ABC 4 News) - A freak avalanche took the lives of two brothers.
HEBER CITY Utah (ABC 4 News) - They died in each others arms.
That's how Jason Sweat found his two sons who were killed in a freak avalanche Saturday.
The family was snowmobiling in Wasatch County when tragedy hit the family.

"Even though it is bad what happened. I have no regrets," says Jason Sweat. "I took really good care of my kids."

But there was nothing Sweat could do when the avalanche came down 75-feet and buried 14-year old Coleman and 7-year old Trevan. The family had stopped for a breather and the two brothers were playing by the creek.

"You would have never thought in a million years that this would have slid," says the father.

Sweat says his oldest son Coleman ran to his brother when the snow came tumbling down.

"My daughter Kylee says 'dad,Coleman could have gotten out of there,'" Sweat says. "She says he was helping his little brother."

The snow covered the two brothers completely and the family frantically searched for the two boys. Eventually they were found, both were dead, both were together.

"When I found them they were just how my daughter described it to me," Sweat says. "She says Coleman had Trevan and without going into details my boys were together. When I found them they had each other."

Sweat says Coleman was a "miracle baby" because he overcame an illness at birth. He says Coleman was a straight A student in eighth grade and wrestled at school.

"I told him to use your brains and not your back like your daddy did," Sweat says.

Jason Sweat believed his son might have been an engineer.
He says his younger boy, Treven "had a heart bigger than his body." He says Treven was unselfish.

"If he had the last M&M he'd say here dad take it," Sweat says. "He was always on my lap and now I'm glad we shared that time together."

Sweat says their family loves the outdoors and his two sons and two daughters grew up in the mountains outside of Heber City.

"If they had a choice of going to Disneyland or (the mountains) it was the mountains," Sweat says.

Jason Sweat is grateful he took every opportunity to be with his two sons because he now understands their time on earth was meant to be short.

"It was time for my boys to go," Sweat says. "I believe our heavenly father needed my boys on the other sides worse than he did here on earth and no matter what we would have done that day it was time for them to go and I accept that."

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