Trax train hits bike - one dead

Trax train hits bike - one dead

MURRAY, Salt Lake County (ABC 4 News) - A fatal TRAX accident shutdown an intersection Wednesday evening.
MURRAY, Salt Lake County (ABC 4 News) - A fatal TRAX train accident shut down an intersection in Murray Wednesday evening. The accident happened on Central Avenue between 300 West and West Temple.

Scott Thornton and his wife were taking the TRAX train home this evening when their normal ride came to a frightening halt.

Thornton said, "I felt the driver brake just briefly then all the sudden I heard a bang, a thump and I could feel something rolling under the train under my feet and then it kicked out the side."

Scott said he knew immediately what had happened.  "We just came thought an intersection and I knew it wasn't the impact of a car."

Police say the bike rider was a man in his 20's or 30's.  They say he rode out onto the tracks while the crossing gate was down and the warning bells were ringing.

Lt. Alex Blauer of the UTA police said, "One train passed and I believe he did not notice the second train and that was the train (hit him)."

That cyclist died at the scene. Unified police's reconstruction team came out to investigate, but that process takes time.  Lt. Rosie Rivera, Unified police said "it takes a little while to reconstruct what actually happened and speak with all the witnesses."

Witnesses such as Scott, who after an hour were allowed to leave. But Scott says this scene will stick with him indefinitely. "I'm kinda shaken about the situation. I feel bad for the people involved and for the driver, you can tell it was bothering him too. I just feel bad for the people involved."
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