Teen arrested for child sex crime again

Teen arrested for child sex crime again

OREM Utah (ABC 4 Utah) - Four days after being released from jail on a sex offense, Nicholas Simmons found himself behind bars for a similar offense.
OREM Utah (ABC 4 Utah) – Four days after Nicholas Simmons was released from jail on a sex offense, Orem police arrested him again for a similar crime.
Orem police are now worried Simmons is becoming a child predator in his own neighborhood.

“It looks to me like an 18 year old sexual predator, just taking the opportunity when it arises to get himself in some bad situations,” says Lt. Craig Martinez.

In May Simmons was arrested for allegedly groping a six year old girl in his neighborhood. Last Thursday, he bailed out of the Utah county jail. He was charged with three felony counts of child sex abuse. But four days after getting out of jail, police say Simmons committed another crime involving a child.

“He was arrested for lewdness,” says Lt. Martinez. “(It was) lewdness involving a child.”

According to court documents Simmons was asked to help a neighbor at his home.
The man “knew him from scouts,” the court affidavit said.
According to the homeowner Simmons disappeared in his home during their work engagement. The man’s wife later called her husband saying “their 6 year old daughter … Nicholas pulled her pants and underwear down.”

The homeowner confronted Simmons who “became visibly upset and began to cry. (He) stated Nicholas admitted to him that he took (girl) to the tree, pulled her underwear and pants down but said nothing happened because it stopped.

During Simmons first stay at jail he paid 10% of a $20,000 bond. Tuesday afternoon prosecutors with the Utah County Attorney’s office asked the judge to set bail at $20,000 cash because of the previous incident. According to jail records Simmons bail is now set at $20,000 cash.

But police are still issuing a warning to neighbors living in Simmons’ neighborhood.

“We want the public to know to be aware because chances are he's going to get out of jail again,” says Lt. Martinez.
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