Suspected Boston bomber boxed in Salt Lake City

Suspected Boston bomber boxed in Salt Lake City

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 News) - One of the brothers suspected in the Boston Marathon bombings made a brief stop in Salt Lake City in 2009.
SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 News) – One of the two brothers suspected in the Boston Marathon bombing was in Salt Lake City in 2009.

Tamerlan Tsarnaev was a Golden Gloves boxing champ for Team New England in 2009 thus qualifying him for the championships held in Salt Lake City.

The fight card showed him fighting Chicago fighter Lamar Fenner in the first round.

Long time Utah boxing guru Larry Fulmer was heavily involved in the 2009 championships in Salt Lake City.

“He got beat the first night, his first fight,” says Fulmer. “He only lasted one round and was beaten. He didn't advance any farther than that."

It turned out that Tsarnaev was boxing the eventual runner up in the 201 weight division. Fenner who lost in the championship round died of a heart attack last year.

Those in Utah’s boxing circle say the fact that Tsarnaev made it out of New England and to the nationals spoke highly of his skill.

“For the kid to have been here in ‘09 through that region, he was probably a pretty talented kid,” says Rick Montoya with the Utah Boxing Association. “It says he was a pretty good boxer because he would have had pretty good competition in New England.”

Neither Fulmer nor Montoya who also was present in the 2009 championships recalled coming across Tsarnaev.

“If he would have won the championship you’d remember,” says Fulmer.

But he may have been returning to Salt Lake City next month for the national championships.

“From what I'm hearing from some of the reports he is still active in boxing if he won their tournament there he would have been here,” says Fulmer.

Going from boxing champ to accused terrorist is causing those in Utah's boxing circles to shake their head.

“And then you start listening to everybody saying golden gloves, golden gloves he was here in 09, it's pretty crazy, pretty strange you know," says Montoya.

What disappoints Fulmer is that Golden Gloves boxing is supposed to build character and gets troubled young men out of trouble.

“It backfired in this situation and it makes you wonder what happened to a kid to make him change like that,” says Fulmer.
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