Suicide by cop in high speed chase

Suicide by cop in high speed chase

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 News) - 33-year old Brett Knight appeared to be on a downward spiral and ended when police killed him following a high speed chase.
SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 News) - Brett Knight was wanted by police.
And when they found him Monday, he refused to stop and lead them on a three-county high speed chase.

Knight was killed after his car came to a stop on Interstate-15 near Kaysville. His tires ran over spikes laid down by the highway patrol near Bountiful.

"Not just law enforcement officers but motorists could see that he had a gun in the truck," says Dwayne Baird of the Department of Public Safety. "He was waving the gun around."

For nearly 75-miles police had Knight on their radar. The chase slowed down considerably once the driver ran over spikes placed by the Utah Highway Patrol near Bountiful.
The chase was shown on the evening news and one man watching was Knight's father.

"It's pretty disappointing to watch your son on the news and see him killed," says his father who did not release his name.

Last week police sent out surveillance of a man robbing a bank in Draper. And working on a tip, Draper police believed Knight was their man. They tracked him in Lehi but Knight wouldn't pull over until it was too late.

"He had the gun down at his side and was gesturing what that as he was being told to put the gun down and wouldn't put it down and he pointed it at officers and they had to take that action," says Baird.

That response by his son didn't surprise his father.

"He was on heroin and wanted to die," says his father.

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