Students don't monkey around when it comes to preparing for Tarzan the musical

BRIGHAM CITY, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) - Box Elder High School students are preparing for Tarzan, the musical that they'll be performing in November.
BRIGHAM CITY, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) Reported by: Student Correspondent Brandon Fonda: - There's a reason this group of students are acting a little funny.

"We are preparing for our musical that will be in November, Tarzan," said McKena Smith, student at Box Elder High School.

And Box Elder is one if the first schools to perform it.

"We're the first school to do Tarzan in the Intermountain Region," said Melanie Day, Director of Tarzan.

To prepare for their roles the students and cast members are doing what they call Ape Training.

"The choreography is such that they have to be down on their... they use their arm muscles in different ways and their body muscles in different ways and we want them to be able to be in shape," said Day.

It’s not all pretending to be apes.

The kids go through an exhausting 5 days a week workout plan that has them running, swimming, and lifting weights.

"I've played soccer and basketball and I think this is way harder than that stuff," said Ashley Pyle, student and cast member.

“I don't think I've... I don't think I've sweated this much since lacrosse," said Dallin Richards student and cast member.

Yes, they may look a little funny, but it’s all for the show.

The play will be running this upcoming school year during the first 2 weeks of November.

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