Snow causes Weber School District to call half day

Snow causes Weber School District to call half day

Weber County, Utah (ABC 4 News)- The Weber School district has called for a "early out" day today due to anticipated snow.
Weber County, Utah (ABC 4 News) - School took a back seat for students in Weber County Wednesday after officials decided to let student out early due to a snowy forecast.  They made the call the day before which isn't typical.

Weber County decided Tuesday night to let older kids out early the next day because of bad weather forecasted and partly because elementary students were already scheduled for a half day.

As parents picked their kids up from school, some questioned the decision to let out early.

“I think the roads are okay, it's obviously a gamble when they are looking at the forecast, the weather man can't get it right everytime,” said Mark Proulx, a parent of a 9th grader. “It would have been better to have this the other day, but I don't fault them for leaning forward.”

Davis, Salt Lake and Canyons school districts all tell ABC4 they only make the decision to delay or cancel school or let out early the morning of.

The Weber County School District spokesperson said so far this year, they've only had one late start and one early out.  There will not be a make up day for Wednesday.

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