Slain Ogden officer honored

Slain Ogden officer honored

OGDEN Utah (ABC 4 News) - It was an honor and a humbling experience for the widow of an officer killed in the line of duty.
OGDEN Utah (ABC 4 News) - A police officer's widow broke her silence during a ceremony honoring her husband.

It happened during Friday's ceremony in which the Ogden police department officially renamed their headquarters as the Francom Public Safety Building.

Officer Jared Francom was killed during a gun battle one year ago.

"It's humbling, not just for me or my daughters and Jared's family but it's for the entire police force," says Erin Francom.

She and her two daughters and other family members were on hand to witness the unveiling.

It was January 4 2011 when Francom said good-bye to his wife for the last time. That evening he was gunned down during a police swat team raid at a suspected drug dealer's home.

Francom died hours after being shot. Five other members of the swat team were seriously wounded during the firefight.

For Francom's widow who has kept silent during this past year, she says her kids give her the strength she needs.

"It's been hard," she says. "The girls are doing amazingly well. Kids are resilient and because they have a strong will and understanding, their strength makes me strong too."

Francom's father says when Jared was 8 years old he wrote a letter to then Los Angeles Mayor Tom Bradley who was calling on men to become police officers. Francom wrote to the mayor saying he would become one.

"It was quite a thing for a little boy to write," says Jade Francom. "He wrote him a letter and mailed it to him and everything."

The mayor never answered the little boy's letter, but Francom kept his promise.

"He was an amazing police officer, an amazing husband and father," says his wife Erin. "He did what he loved doing and I think he would be proud of this right now."
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