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Sandy strands Utah couple on a cruise ship along the East Coast

BOSTON, Massachusetts (ABC 4 News) - A Utah couple is stuck on cruise ship, riding out the wrath of tropical storm Sandy.
A Utah couple is stuck on cruise ship, riding out the wrath of tropical storm Sandy. Marva and Warren Beck are on a Royal Caribbean ship being held in a bay in Boston Massachusetts, but they’re not letting the massive storm ruin their vacation.

As the day of their big trip grew closer, the Becks realized Sandy was headed right for the spot where they were supposed to set sail.

"We thought well, we'll either get to Boston or we'll turn around a go home," Marva Beck said.

She and her husband got in to Boston Sunday morning. As they boarded the ship the crew gave them a choice.

"You really have the option whether you wanted to get in or not, and apparently some people changed their minds and said they didn't want to get on," Beck said.

The Becks decided to take a chance and stayed on board. Marva said her ship was being held in place by large tugboats.

"They've asked us not to leave the ship for a couple of reasons, one it's dangerous, and two, if a window of opportunity opens up they will sail out and they don't want to have to worry about where everyone is," Beck said.

She said she completely understood the rules and had no problem following them.

"We’re very flexible, we don't want to be out there like that other ship the HMS Bounty that sunk," she said.

Marva said thanks to the tugboats, she can't feel the 50 mile per hour winds blowing outside. The passengers on that ship should have a better idea of when they'll ship out early Tuesday morning. So far, two of their stops have been cancelled.

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