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S.Salt Lake neighbors concerned over officer's spray of bullets

SOUTH SALT LAKE, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) – A routine traffic stop ends with the suspect being shot twice by police. Neighbor's house and car also shot up.
SOUTH SALT LAKE, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) – A routine traffic stop ends with the suspect being shot twice by police. Around 2 a.m. Sunday morning a Utah Highway Patrol officer pulls over a red Pontiac Grand Am. The officer sees two people in the vehicle who appear to be fighting.

South Salt Lake Police Officer Gary Keller tells ABC 4 Utah, “As he stops the vehicle he notices there are two passengers, a male driver and a female passenger. He’s watching the passengers inside the vehicle and they’re involved in some type of argument.”

According to police, the female passenger gets out of the vehicle, on the freeway, and that’s when the driver takes off. Police have identified the driver as Kody Scott Sturgeon of Murray.

There is no pursuit, but the UHP officer puts out an all-call for the vehicle. Police locate the red Pontiac at 2400 S. Main Street in S. Salt Lake. Officers set up a containment perimeter and bring out the K-9s.

Police say Sturgeon was hiding in a nearby storage unit.

“We were told he contacted an individual inside their storage shed, next to us, and told the individual he had a gun. He didn’t want to hurt him, he just wanted to hide from police,” said Keller.

When Sturgeon ran from his hiding place a UHP officer caught up with him. Police say Sturgeon showed the officer his weapon and that’s when the officer opened fire. The officer fired several shots, but only two hit Sturgeon.

“He was ultimately struck by gunfire in the hand and in the thigh,” said Keller.

Sturgeon was taken to a local hospital in stable condition.

The suspect wasn’t the only thing hit by the officer’s bullets. An empty home and a neighbor’s car were also struck by several bullets.

The family that owns the vehicle told ABC 4 Utah, “That’s pretty scary because it seems like they were shooting without even looking; houses, cars…If someone was living there, they could have been shot.”

South Salt Lake Police, UHP and the Salt Lake District Attorney’s office are investigating. The UHP officer is on paid administrative leave during the investigation. Sturgeon is expected to be booked into jail on several charges.
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