Police arrest six in WVC murder

Police arrest six in WVC murder

WEST VALLEY Utah (ABC 4 Utah) - Six people have been arrested in connection with a weekend murder.
WEST VALLEY Utah (ABC 4 Utah) – Six suspects have been arrested in connection with a week-end murder.

"We've removed (6) very dangerous people from streets of West Valley City," says Sgt. Jason Hauer.

Police called Saturday night's shooting death of 18-year old Anthony Hernandez part of a gang war.

He was found lying in a pool of blood outside his home.

On Sunday, his mother Linda Avila told ABC 4 Utah that her son was crossing the street when gunfire erupted.

“He was going to cross the street and this car and truck pulled up and said words to him gang things and he said it back,” Avila said. “They rolled the window in the back and shot him five times.”

Police claim Hernandez was part of a rival gang that was in a turf war. Police say 19 year old Armando Majano was the triggerman.

“We believe actual shooter is Armando Majano,” says Sgt. Hauer.

Also arrested were Jose Carlos Salazar; Juan Eduardo Cruz, diego Monfeda, Alejandro Argumeda and Ricardo Padilla.
Police found guns and drugs on the suspects when they were arrested. Sgt. Hauer says there have been reports of assaults between the two gangs but for it to reach this point, police have no answers.

“We don't know what sparked that,” says Sgt. Hauer.

For now, police are satisfied the streets are safe.

“They've already proven that they are willing to commit violent offenses,” says Sgt. Hauer. “We feel it's very significant and the public should feel safe.

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