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Police arrest a convicted felon in six hour standoff in Taylorsville

A Taylorsville man is behind bars after a six hour stand off with police Friday morning.
TAYLORSVILLE, UTAH (ABC 4 UTAH)- A Taylorsville man is behind bars after a six hour stand off with police Friday morning.

The Unified Police Department tells ABC 4 Utah 34-year old Aaron Bailess was forced out of his home with tear gas and was booked for domestic aggravated assault and resisting arrest.

Lt. Justin Hoyal from the Unified Police Department says “He had been argumentative with our officers on the phone. Our swat team ultimately had to deploy tear gas into the home to get him to come out."  Lt. Hoyal says it all begin just before midnight after Bailess had pushed his wife down the stairs.  Hoyle says the wife then went to the neighbors seeking help but Bailess followed and made threats against their lives and then returned home.

Lt. Hoyle says, “We have checked his history and he does have felony convictions in his past so that's one of the things we are looking into." Lt. Hoyle says because police were informed Bailess had guns inside his home they evacuated nearby residents to a church for shelter as a precautionary measure.

However, for Stephanie Martinez who lives a couple houses down with her husband and kids waking up to what sounded like a big explosion has her on edge. “We both came running outside and seen our whole street blocked off and filled up with fire trucks ambulances, cops, it was a little scary because it kind of made me get shaky and numb and i wasn't sure what was going on that early in the morning,” says Martinez.

Neighbors that were evacuated were able to return home around 7 Friday morning.  Fortunately nobody was hurt and police are thankful they were able to bring the standoff to a peaceful resolution.


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