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Pineview Reservoir nears maximum level with late spring runoff

OGDEN, Utah (ABC 4 News) - Pineview Reservoir is reaching its maximum storage level, causing concerns for residents living along the Ogden River. According to Weber County water engineers, there is almost 20 times more snow in the mountains than the reservoir can hold.
OGDEN, Utah (ABC 4 News) - Pineview Resevoir is reaching its maximum storage level, causing concerns for residents living along the Ogden River.  According to Weber County water engineers, there is almost 20 times more snow in the mountains than the resevoir can hold. 

With water coming over Pineview Dam little by little, the Ogden River is near flood stage, spilling over it's banks in some low ares near the mouth of Ogden Canyon.  Peery King, the owner of Rainbow Gardens and the Greenery Restaurant is busy doing damage control.  He says they have three pumps going 24 hours a day. "Our basement's right at river level, so if it gets worse, we'll have to continue to pump and bail out the water," says King.

Some residents along the river are seeing flooding despite their efforts to sandbag.  Robyn Scott owns a half-acre island just outside the mouth of Ogden Canyon; that island is now entirely covered with water.  "I was going to build cabins there, but now I can't," says Scott.  

Water engineers are monitoring Pineview Dam every day.  They say the amount of water they let out really depends on the weather. A moderate temperature and less rain are needed to keep the snow in the mountains from melting all at once. 

Pineview Dam can hold 110-thousand acre feet of water.  Currently it is storing 98-thousand acre feet. 
Weber County is expected to release a higher volume of water around the middle of June.

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