New device gives hope to those will limited mobility

New device gives hope to those will limited mobility

TAYLORSVILLE, UT (ABC 4 News) - A woman who suffers from "drop toe" as a result of Multiple Sclerosis has regained the ability to walk on her own.
TAYLORSVILLE, UT (ABC 4 News) - People who suffer strokes or multiple sclerosis often lose the ability to move. The nerves and muscles are still there, but the impulses from the brain don't get through.

One of the several symptoms of Brenda Collard's MS is "drop toe" in her left foot.

Brenda explained, "When you can't lift you're toe, You can't walk. You throw your hip out. You have back ache and hip pain and leg pain. You're just crooked." Because of the drop toe, Brenda could move only with a cane or by leaning on someone.

She'd lived with the condition for years, but then came across an ad in a magazine for the Bioness Company. She called the company. "I talked to one of their people," Brenda said,
"And she started to laugh. And she said do you want to know anything about it? And I said does it help me walk? I want one!"

The Bioness L-300 senses her gait, even the changes in terrain and sends electrical impulses at just the right moment to contract the muscles in her foot and pull up her toes.

Something, so seemingly simple as that, has restored Brenda's ability to walk. "So now when I walk I don't drag my toe, my Bioness lifts my toe up so I have a normal stride."

It has given Brenda her life back. "When you can't play with your grandkids or you can't play with your husband -- you can't take care of yourself. You can't take care of your home. What do you have? Now I have learned to enjoy everyday, it makes it so you can get up in the morning and know that you can do it!"

There are more than 2.5-million people in the United States that suffer from toe drop that may be helped by the Bioness device.

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