Neon Trees goes back to its roots

Neon Trees goes back to its roots

PROVO, UT(ABC 4 News) - Neon Trees is a Utah based band that has made it to the big time. But band members have not forgotten their roots. This week, before leaving on their next world tour, the band said "Thank you."
PROVO, UT (ABC 4 News) - Neon Trees is a product of the Utah County music scene.  Some of the band's first performances were at Velour, a small music gallery in downtown Provo.

Now, with two major Billboard hits, band members mostly perform on national TV or in large concert venues.  They've toured the world several times and are set to do it yet again in just a few days.

But Thursday and Friday nights Neon Trees returned to Velour for three performances.

The band passed up on the glitz, glamor and money of Park City and this week's Sundance Film Festival where promoters were asking for $50 or more a ticket.  Instead, they performed at a smaller venue for just $10 a ticket.

With bargain basement prices for such a famous band, the shows at Velour were instant hits. 

Tyler Glenn, lead singer for Neon Trees, called Velour an "intimate venue."  For his shows, it was also a packed venue.

Band members agree it was the perfect opportunity to say "thank you" to local fans, many of whom have been with them since the beginning.

It was also a way to shine a light on the venue itself.  "We're hoping that some of the people here tonight have never been to Velour before," explained Elaine Bradley, drummer for Neon Trees.  "That they'll see that there's this really cool place for music in Provo."

You can follow Neon Trees by clicking here.  The band can also be found on MySpace, Facebook and Twitter. 

The upcoming tour will be with the band, Maroon 5.

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