Mom to escapee son: Turn yourself in

Mom to escapee son: Turn yourself in

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 News) - The mother of a jail escapee hopes her son will do the right thing.
SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 News) – A mother is pleading for her adopted son to turn himself in.

Wednesday Jason Braham along with Dallas Derrick escaped from the Uintah County jail. Authorities have not had a sighting of the pair.

But Braham’s mother says Jason has a history of escaping from custody.

“He has escaped from the Farmington jail," Cheryl Braham says.

And she says there was another time from an Ogden hospital while he was still in police custody.

“Once it happens it could happen again," she says.

And it did.

The pair found their way into a utility room that's attached to the laundry area.

They left through an air duct attached to the dryers. The area has no alarms and it isn't fenced in like the rest of the jail.

They’re accused of stealing an SUV and disappeared.

His adopted mother thought Jason’s bad habits were over.

“He said he was working out and that they had given him a job and was reading more and he wanted to go to school," she says.

But while he told that to his mother, the sheriff in Uintah County says Braham and Derrick were planning their departure.

His adopted mother now hopes Braham will do the right thing.

“Come home Jason, turn yourself in,” she says. “Because if not something could happen and you could get hurt really bad.”

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