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Utahns relieved that Japan LDS missionaries Japan are safe

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 News) – The LDS Church reported that all missionaries serving in Japan are safe, bringing comfort to Utahns with family members serving there.

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 News) – The church says all missionaries serving in Japan are safe.

If you’re a family who has a missionary serving in Japan, it’s hard to tear your eyes away from these devastating images of deep sea water swallowing up homes, and devouring everything in it’s path as the powerful tsunami flowed through the northern part of Japan.

John Tateoka is the son of the mission president assigned to the hardest hit area.

“It’s the unknown that’s so troubling.  You could receive a call any minute.”

Late Friday afternoon he did receive word his parents were safe via a message posted by his father on a missionary website, and Saturday, the church has confirmed every missionary serving in Japan has been contacted, and all are safe.

“They are probably more worried about other people than themselves.”

Now every one will have to focus their efforts on helping the thousands of others who have watched everything they own get swept up in the flood waters.  Some are missing family members, while others may feel completely lost or disoriented.

“It was hard to see.”

It was hard for Tateoka to watch the complete devastation being witnessed by his parents.

“They have served in the church their whole lives.  They wouldn’t be anywhere else.”

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