Millcreek woman escapes after held captive

Millcreek woman escapes after held captive

Millcreek woman escapes after held captive
MILLCREEK Utah (ABC 4 News) – A woman claims she survived four days of physical and mental abuse by her ex-boyfriend.

And it all happened at her home.

Shawn Crawford was arrested Monday afternoon after the woman Deborah Hansen escaped and called police.

“He's threatened to kill me and he's almost killed me a couple of times by choking me unconscious,” says Hansen.

For four days Hansen claims she was kept in a spare bedroom.

She claimed Crawford forced his way into her home and demanded he lie in court on his behalf. He allegedly told her to lie about her testimony.

“You need to lie and tell them that you're crazy and that you don't know what you're talking about,” Hansen claims this is Crawford said to her. “I’m not going to go in there and commit a crime.”

Crawford was already charged with a domestic violence crime against Hansen and allegedly wanted it to go away.

When she refused Hansen claims she was locked up Friday night in the spare bedroom.

“He said he'd kill my grandson if I didn't comply,” she says. “He has been threatening me with this all along.”

She claims he took her cell phone from her but was allowed to leave the bedroom throughout the days, but not outside.

“I tried on a couple of times to get out the door and I got bruises all over my body from him,” she says.

Inside her home was damage from Crawford's alleged rage.

Clothing was strewn from room to room. One door appeared to have been torn off its hinge.

Monday afternoon, she hatched a plan. They walked out together to grab cigarettes from a nearby convenience store.

But before leaving she left the back screen door unlocked. When they returned from the convenience store she bolted. And he was right behind her.

“I've got to get away or I'm going to die,” she recalls thinking as she ran from him.

Crawford was locked out of the home and she called 911 and police arrested him.

But she’s still worried he’ll return once he’s out of jail.
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