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Mia Love to give speech at Republican National Convention

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 News) - 4th District Congressional hopeful gets key speaking slot at GOP Convention in Tampa.
SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 News) - ABC 4 News first reported months ago that discussions were underway to give Mia Love a speaking slot at the Republican National Convention.

Tuesday, that became a reality.

Love told ABC 4,

"We were asked by the Romney campaign to speak on Tuesday night at the national convention. I am excited."

The Saratoga Springs mayor and 4th District Congressional hopeful will deliver this prime time speech Tuesday.
August 28th.

Love is engaged in a high profile campaign against popular Democratic Congressman Jim Matheson.

Their race has been attracting lots of national attention and money.

But Love says the convention speech isn't about her.

It's about helping Romney, Utah and a country in need,

"This is really, sincerely, about doing what I can as a parent to make sure my kids have the same opportunity that I had."

Now, ABC 4 also asked what Love might be thinking when she is on the convention stage in Tampa giving her
She told us that she would simply be thinking,

"Don't mess it up." 

Senior Political Reporter Chris Vanocur (me) will be traveling to Tampa to cover Love's speech
and the Romney's campaign.


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