Mansion up for sale

Mansion up for sale

RIVERTON Utah (ABC 4 Utah) - It's not your typical run of the mill home for sale. This one has a hefty price tag. It's listed for $11 million.
RIVERTON Utah (ABC 4 Utah) – An eleven million dollars home is up for sale.

And the 13,000 square foot house is also listed as one of the top ten homes in the nation.

“The number one thing we told Julie (designer) is we wanted it livable,” says homeowner Mark Ewell. “We didn't want it too ornate, very comfortable very livable.”

The Ewell's had this home built to their desires and moved in 2009.

“The whole idea was to build a home to accommodate a very large family,”

And Ewell says they did that.

But a house this size does take some work in designing

“I like that it feels good to the homeowners and to pretty much everyone that comes in,” says Julie Stuehser who designed the home. “I like that it flows from top to bottom. We have special things that have meaning to the homeowners.”

She says blending the likes of Mark and his wife was the goal of the design.

The house was actually built when the nation's economy was collapsing.

“It seems like every building construction owner that was building at that time, the only one that survived was the actual builder of this home,” says Ewell. “That was satisfying to know that we were able to keep a few people working.”

The home will be featured this fall by Home and Garden TV. And the show has listed it as one of the top three homes in the nation.

“Surprised, I don't know,” says Ewell. “I always thought this house was special.”

But the Ewell's are selling. Home and Garden listed it at $11 million dollars.

"We’ve lived her for four years and times are changing and when we first built it, it was designed for entertaining,” says Ewell. “But we’ve since had a seventh child and we don’t have all the accommodations for that seventh child. Right now we’re open minded to scaling back.”

Whether the home sells is an unknown. Ewell says the other top homes listed by Home and Garden were selling for $51 million and $21 million. He’s not sure what those homes have but he does know what his has.

“If I were take one word to describe this home it's just that, home,” says Ewell.

To learn about the Ewell home visit the Home and Garden website at:

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