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Local tragedy becomes a documentary film

PARK CITY, Utah (ABC 4 News) - A local family hopes the bright lights of Sundance will help them bring attention to a growing problem nationwide.
A local family hopes the bright lights of Sundance will help them bring attention to a growing problem nationwide. 5 years ago, Kim Dreske fell of a balcony in park city leaving her paralyzed and in a coma. A new documentary shows how she overcame impossible odds.

"It’s been a long walk, it's almost been 5 years," said Kim’s father Eddie Dreske.

Kim’s ex-boyfriend, Darren Sieben, came up with the idea for the film last summer.

"It was hard for me to watch, I was brought to tears a little bit because I was involved with her, we were dating and she had a great future," he said.

5 years ago, Kim and Darren were in park city visiting her father when she fell from a 4th story balcony.

"In the beginning we were given no hope we were just told she was going to be in a complete 100% vegetative state," Sieben said.

After a year long coma, Kim began showing signs of improvement. She was moving, and talking.

"A lot of thanks to the u of u hospital, because if it weren't for them she would not be alive today," Sieben said.

But the next 4 years would be an uphill battle. Kim moved from care facility to care facility, but she never felt she was getting enough help.

"They all have the same issues with finances, they can only offer so much time and money to each patient," Dreske said.

That's part of the reason why Kim’s family wanted to create this film.

“I drove by those care facilities all my life and never stopped, never needed to," he said.

After spending years in these facilities with his daughter, Eddie now sees a need. He created an assisted walker that he hopes will help these facilities function more efficiently.

"I thought if I could help my daughter and I could help others that would most certainly help," he said.

It's been a long road, but Kim now has movement in one side of her body and the will power to make it even further. Kim's next plan is to go to medical school so she can help make a difference in the medical field.

The world premier of this film is Saturday at Wahso in park city. For more information click here

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