Josh's phone call to Susan

Josh's phone call to Susan

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 Utah) - Josh Powell called home, hoping to find Susan after an overnight camping trip.
SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 Utah) – Josh Powell was evasive from day one of West Valley’s police investigation.

Powell is the husband of Susan Cox Powell who disappeared in December 2009.

Josh killed himself in February 2012 by setting his rented home in Washington state on fire. Inside the house were his two sons whom he also killed prior to setting the house on fire.

Police closed their investigation which has spanned three and a half years. But in doing so, they also released nearly three thousand documents about their investigation.

In one file, police kept a log of all of Susan’s home phone voice mails about the time she disappeared.

One of those calls came from Josh who claimed he had been camping when she disappeared. He was with his two sons when he dialed home.

Josh: "Hello Susan. We are on our way back and anyway I can't believe somehow my brain missed a day. I thought the day was Sunday. That was really, really stupid but anyway hopefully you got to work okay."

Police did bring him in for questioning and executed a search warrant for his van. Inside his van, police found evidence of someone camping, mud on the gas pedal, first aid and other supplies. There was a generator, food and even a circular saw.

Josh told Susan in the voice message that there were problems out there.

Josh: "So anyway we ran into every conceivable problem and anyway it was kind of a nightmare but oh well, I mean I'll talk to you later. See you later bye."

In another file, police had copies of photographs that they took of Josh’s hands. He had come to the police station for an interview after he was tracked down, some 18 hours after he had left home.

The detective wrote: "Josh seemed very concerned about the condition of his hands. Never once did he mention anything about Susan what he had done or offer any suggestions of assistance.”

During the same interview, the detective asked him if he had ever tried calling home. Josh said he couldn’t get reception and shut the phone off to save power. Yet police found a cell phone adapter inside his van.

Josh claimed he tried calling Susan on her cell phone.

But police found her cell phone in the middle console of the van.

The detective wrote: "I then asked Josh why he would call her cellular phone if he knew he had it. He said he may have forgotten he had the phone."

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