Josh Powell makes new claims about Susan's mental state

Josh Powell makes new claims about Susan's mental state

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 News) - Josh Powell is speaking out and making new, outlandish claims about his missing wife Susan.
SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 News) - Josh Powell is speaking out again and going more in depth while making new claims about his wife, Susan Powell, who suddenly disappeared in December of 2009.

Josh Powell is the only person of interest in his wife's disappearance. Despite not cooperating with West Valley Police, or the FBI and answering their questions, Josh Powell sat down with ABC’s Abbie Boudreau to answer her questions about Susan's disappearance nearly two years ago.

Abbie Boudreau: “Did you kill your wife?”
Josh Powell: “No.”

Abbie Boudreau: “Did you have anything to do with the disappearance of your wife?”
Josh Powell: “No.”
Abbie Boudreau: “Nothing?”
Josh Powell: “Nothing.”

In the interview, Josh is seen still wearing his wedding band. The question remains, does he still feel committed? And love Susan?

To that, Josh Powell says, “Yeah. I guess you could say that I still love her."

But the question many still have is why would Josh take two young son's camping, in the middle of the night, in freezing conditions, with a storm approaching.

“People who know me know that time is hard for me to keep track of. I tend to be spontaneous. Do things in the spur of the moment,” said Powell.

Abbie Boudreau: “Why not call work the next morning to say hey I was out camping, I'm not going to be in today?”

Josh Powell: “To be honest Saturday was a blur. And I was convinced it was still Saturday.”

Josh Powell also said that at times, Susan was unstable and even contemplated suicide at different points in her life.

“She has walked out the front door in her underwear, starting walking down the street. And at the time when all this stuff was happening it was mortifying to me. I've tried to protect her from doing things that I thought might embarrass her or our family in that respect, you know?” said Powell.

When asked if Josh thinks Susan is still alive he said, “At times. It's a rollercoaster.”

Abbie Boudreau: “What would you want to say to her if she's watching?”

Josh Powell: “I would tell her that -- that I miss her. That she's -- that I love her. That she's got two boys that love her.”

Josh Powell sold the couple’s house just months after Susan disappeared. He now lives in their hometown of Puyallup, Washington with his father and the couple’s two sons.

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