Jen's Favorite Stylish Gifts

Jen's Favorite Stylish Gifts

Jen Clyde has her favorite stylish gifts for the holidays.
Well all I know is shopping is the most difficult high pressure thing ever. I feel like we are all running around trying to find that perfect gift. It's so hard. I like to make my gifts extra special so that the person feels like I thought about the gift and not just picked one up on the way over. So with that I want to share some of my fave picks for each of the member of the family. These I feel will bring a smile to your loved ones face! Happy Holidays hopefully this guide will help you in your stressful moment of "what should I buy them?" Thanks to all the companies who worked with me on my biggest show of the season on ABC4. Here are my picks.

MORRIS TERRY: Everything is made and designed in California.(My roots) Each piece is hand crafted with extreme care. From Traditional fabrics and a modern silhouette they have created an elegant look this year. Honest these clothes would be no her list and if it's not she would have wanted it on there. These clothes fit well and moved from the gym to your relaxed home life very easy. With all their different colors to choose from you will fall in love. Best party they are all about giving back and have a wonderful charity. Find out more about their charity here. Here is a peek at some of their items that any girl would love
Jamberry Nails: Who dosen't love to do her nails....?? And now with all the pinning going on about how cool all the different styles of nails are these are a must for her! I love these because they are fresh and new with the best styles out their to have your nails now become more of a statement then just one boring color. Now they can have patterns to match your shoes and sparkles for a holiday party. These are the coolest new way to wear your nails. Any girl would love to have these in her stocking.
Speck Iphone/IPad/Laptop covers: So every girl loves new accessories for her electronics. We are always on the go and our lives are only getting more busy so it is so important to have our electronics as stylish as our outfits right? So I love to be able to get new cases to add to my collection depending on what mood or season we are in. I love Speck cases because they are so strong and do the job to protect all my gear. They even teamed up with Burton this year and made some way good looking fun fresh patterns and designs. Check out some I love and know that anyone should have this for Christmas
Alibon Fit: One of my most fave lines around town. I live in their swim wear in the summer and I live in their sweats and sweatshirt in the winter. The sweatshirt is my fave for two's the softness sweatshirt any lady would want to live in and also its thumbholes make my hands extra warm. I love it and anyone would freak out to have one in their wardrobe. It's a must have a gift for that special love one and I recommend it highly trust me the softest thing you have ever felt. Go be a superstar gifter and shop here! Also they are giving away two of my fave hoodies as a giveaway today! Go to their facebook here to win
Stance Socks: I have fallen head over heels for socks lately. I have instagramed over and over me with some fun pair of socks. I also just did a show on ABC4 about how to style your socks. They are now becoming a full style statement and should be worn to be seen. If you need ideas how to wear fun socks watch my show here! But this christmas all I want is tons and tons of fun socks. All kinds of amazing socks and this company has really made socks a full fashion statement From the best colors, patterns, and even metal studs on your socks they have pushed footwear to a whole other level and I am their biggest fan.. You must be too. Put these on your list. They have them for kids, women, and men. So it's a one stop shop. Best Stocking stuffer ever. (hope my hubby is reading this hint hint). To see all their options and go buy click here! Also they have some fun social media ideas so make sure when you buy them you show them off and hash tag your look #howwekickit #stancesocks Now show your socks off!
DownEast Basics: When your just not sure what clothes to buy that special women in your life or sister, mom, always want to get her a gift card. Well that's great but make it super cute stuffed inside some cute soft slippers and funky polka dot hat. Sometimes these are items women don't always buy for themselves but are thankful when they have them. I feel like mostly moms don't buy themselves slippers all the time, I am sure some often do but we mostly buy things for our kids. So buy the gift card at Downeast then some yummy slippers and slip the card in those slippers. There so cute and warm and so soft inside. I wear mine every night for the past week. Great gift. Check them out and buy them here!

In A Pikle: I love this one for a mother in law. Think that it's perfect for those hard to get gifts. Totally unexpected but yet totally needed and its super fun and stylish. Has everything and more for when you are "in a pikle" and just don't have the right thing to help out... well now you do. Four years ago, two friends and mom entrepreneurs set out to create a product that would help busy women like them "dill" with daily emergencies.When I saw this I knew it had to be on my top list of gifts to give because I love the idea behind it and the fresh gift idea.. Love thought out ones. This one totally fun and thought out. Check them out here and buy one for that hard to buy person. Click Here!
Color By Amber Jewelry: There is nothing better than to give a gift that gives back to Artisans all over the world that don't have as much as we do. They are just as talented as all of us but don't have blogs or the means to get their art out there. Their families are just trying to survive. So this company creates jewelry and creates jobs for women all over the world. Gives them a better life! I can't think of a better gift then one with style and a story behind it. It makes the jewelry feel so much better when you wear it when you know why, who, and how your effecting and helping all over the world. Color by Amber is made with 40% pure recycled eco-resin, so every purchase helps renew and nurture the fragile planet that sustains us all. Every women loves jewelry and it's a safe but amazing gift. Go purchase this amazing jewelry here!
#1 PICK Stance Socks: Yes for men it's all about their socks. I feel like they have to wear a suit everyday and besides their tie they don't have a ton of stretch with where they can show their funky style. I love it when I am sitting there and a man cross their legs or lifts their foot and there is a hidden surprise awaiting when I see this patterned bright sock peek through their suit pants or even jeans. I love it. I think "Hey ...this guy knows what he is doing!" So girls get your man some nice funky fun socks that shows off their bright personalities. Best place Stance Socks. buy here!
Switch Belts: My mans belts always wear so fast. He gets so mad. He loves his belts they tell a story. As they should. So I loved this company check them out. Cool concept. Tired of belts that wear out before they wear out their usefulness? Switch belts won't warp or fray, giving you a durable alternative to the same ol' boring leather belts. Men need some fun in their wardrobe too and these belts really set a tone of unique style. Best gift idea right here. Love these for stocking stuffers. Switch is bio-degradable. It is made of a thermoplastic resin, which is one of the most eco-friendly plastics available. Coolest thing you can switch it up....meaning you can switch out the buckle with different colors of belts and buckles. Change you shoes...change your buckle. Save some sweet money while you're looking so GQ. Feel up those stocking this season with some cool guy fashion.
Beacon Speakers : Now we all know men love their electronics and mostly speakers. OMG they think they are so cool. So of course wouldn't be a good christmas without some sort of electronic. I love this company! Super fresh and a must have on your list this year. One of the speakers I think you need to get this year for that special man is the Phoenix! Why? Well first off I think it's rad how it's a portable bluetooth speaker. Boasting an 8 hour battery life on a single charge, cable-free syncing with almost any Bluetooth device, and ability to blast huge sound from a small package, the Phoenix is the ultimate take-with-you-anywhere speaker. Weighing in at only 200 grams, with a reach of up to 40 feet via Bluetooth, the Phoenix is sure to knock out the competition. It comes in many different fun colors and makes those dance offs that more entertaining.

1face watch: What man dosen't love a watch? They love them! But this one is stylish and is changing the world one day at a time. What is more handsome then a man in a amazing watch that is giving back. Deets? 1:FaCe Watch, a project founded on the principle that the power of Consumers can be used to benefit the World. lt’s goal is to combat many of the issues that currently affect mankind; be it Cancer, Breast Cancer, AlDS, the Environment, Water, or World Hunger. This product will help bring change to a world that so desperately needs it. Face watch is a fashion accessory that has much more than fashion value; it will make the individual think about the World in a philanthropic manner. Social responsibility is becoming a banner under which consumers unite. The modern consumer not only wants to purchase a product that benefits them, they want a product that can benefit others as well. So why not? Each watch color is different for different reasons check out which one your going to buy? Love this the perfect gift.
Speck IPhone/IPad Cover: Again if your man is like mine he loves his iphone almost more than me....jk but really to protect his phone is like a gold moment. So another great gift for any man is a cover that is sleek, functional, and practical. Speck Iphone cases do just that. I love the one where he can carry his money and cards in his phone case. Men don't have big purses and hate to carry around wallets everywhere so I love this idea.
For Little Her:
Persnickety Clothing: You know that we will always buy toys but when we have a little girl, we love to buy them the cutest clothing out there right? I mean we search high and low. Then we search even more. We love unique, good quality, fun, and reasonable prices and I feel like persnickety is right there! I love their line and I flipped when I saw there fall lookbook. These clothes are a must have for any little girls christmas list under that tree. Go see more clothes here and order some fast here!
Spirit Hoods Kids: Not only do I love these for kids but I love these for adults too. But this is the cutest present if I have ever seen one. And not that it just being cute is enough to go right now to buy one....but it has built-in headphones as well! Could it get any better?? No it can not! I am dying at how cute this one is and how awesome it is that it has earphones built-in. My daughter is going to flip out when I buy her one for christmas. Honest with all the cute colors and fun different looks of animals you can choose would be crazy not to buy one right now here! Hook it up to her new ipod or i perfect!

Skull Candy Headphones: Every boy wants these! I know my teenager would die to have one of my fave picks for this season which is the Skull Candy! The new Hesh 2 has arrived as an innovative upgrade from its iconic predecessor. The new aesthetic is both sleek and simplified, while the conical over-ear housing drives an even more powerful sound. The Attacking Bass, Natural Vocals, and Precision Highs build a pure audio experience for any genre of music. Any boy young to old would be super excited to get these for christmas and I know my three boys would flip out. They would love it to listen to music too and to game with. Hands down get this for your boys..

To find out where to buy the gifts, go to Jen's website:

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