Homicide charge filed in Rasmussen death

Homicide charge filed in Rasmussen death

OGDEN, Utah (ABC 4 News) - Eric and Dea Millerberg have been charged in connection with with the death and disappearance of Alexis Rasmussen. Eric has been charged with Child Abuse Homicide and Unlawful Sex with a Minor. Dea Millerberg was charged with Desecration of a Corpse.
OGDEN, Utah (ABC 4 News) - Eric and Dea Millerberg have been charged in connection with with the death and disappearance of Alexis Rasmussen.

Weber County prosecutor Dee Smith announced that Eric Millerberg was charged with 1st Degree Felony Child Abuse Homicide, Obstruction of Justice, Unlawful Sexual activity with a Minor, and Abuse or Desecration of a Human Body in connection with Rasmussen's death.

Dea Millerberg has been charged with 3rd Degree Felony Abuse or Desecration of a Human body in connection with the case.

Smith also announced the results of an autopsy performed on the remains of Rasmussen, which determined that Rasmussen died from a drug overdose.

Smith described Dea Millerberg's involvement in Rasmussen's death as "minimal" in comparison to Eric's involvement, but refused to say whether investigators thought Dea was present when Alexis died or received the drugs.

"We know what happened to Alexis," said Smith. "Alexis died at the Millerberg residence."

Although he did not share more details about Eric Millerberg's involvement in Rasmussen's death, Smith said investigators believed her death was "...not an intentional act."

Smith said he met with Alexis' parent last week to discuss the charges.

During the news conference, Smith said that some of the witnesses contacted during the investigation were less than cooperative due to their own legal issues. Smith added that he anticipated that no one else would be charged in connection with Rasmussen's death or the desecration of her body.

Dea Millerberg was out of jail on bail in connection with an unrelated drug charge. Smith said his office was working with MIllerberg's attorney to arrange for Dea's surrender to authorities for the Rasmussen charge.
Eric and Dea Millerberg in court
Eric and Dea Millerberg in court
Dea's attorney Michael Bouwhuis later released a statment, saying:

"Dea is relieved that we've now reached the point where a charge has been filed in relation to the unfortunate death of Alexis Rasmussen. She has always maintained that she did not cause the death of Alexis Rasmussen, and this charge bears that out. We look forward to receiving discovery from the prosecutors so we can review it and decide how to proceed, a process which may take some time, as the investigation leading up to this point has taken a considerable amount of time.

In the meantime, Dea has been drug-free since her arrest, and has been working closely with DCFS and counselors to get the help she needs to continue in a positive direction. She is very sorry about the untimely death of Alexis Rasmussen and sincerely hopes that the Rasmussen family will someday soon find healing and comfort."

On Monday, Smith told ABC 4 that investigators have been coordinating with all the parties involved before announcing any charges or other information.

Alexis Rasmussen's body was found in a shallow Morgan County grave more than a month after she disappeared while babysitting on September 10.

Eric and Dea Millerberg have been named 'persons of interest' in the case. Rasmussen was babysitting for the Millerbergs when she disappeared.

A warrant obtained by ABC 4 News in November implicated the Millerbergs in Rasmussen's death and in the disposal of her body.

The now sealed search warrant said that Dea Millerberg drove Rasmussen to buy $100 worth of prescription medication and marijuana on the night she disappeared.

The search warrant included statements from witnesses who said the Millerbergs paid Rasmussen with drugs, while implying that the couple had a sexual relationship with the girl.

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