Gun activist's reputation on the line

Gun activist's reputation on the line

WEST JORDAN Utah (ABC 4 Utah) - A man who champions gun rights in Utah is accused of being a stalker.
WEST JORDAN Utah (ABC 4 Utah) – It is turning into an ugly divorce and it’s playing in a courtroom for all to see.

Gun rights activist Winton Clark Aposian is a high profile lobbyist at the legislature and he touts himself as Utah’s gun lobby.

But now he’s accused of being a stalker and allegedly harasses his ex-wife and her husband.

Natalie Meyer and her new husband Ronald Keith Meyer have accused him of stalking and are seeking an injunction to keep him away from their home.

It blew up on Memorial day week-end when Aposhian is accused of using his military style truck and driving onto his ex-wife's yard.

“Suddenly he approached us walking to the middle of the street and was staring at Mr. Meyer like trying to scare him situation and had his hand behind him,” Natalie Meyer testified in court Monday afternoon.

Meyer believed Aposhian had a gun behind his back when he approached her and her husband.

“Probably that's where his gun would be,” she testified.

Meyer testified they received a threatening phone call from Aposhian after he left the home. She testified that Aposhian allegedly told them “I will drive my f------ truck where I want to.” She also claimed Aposhian wanted to fight her husband. She testified Aposhian said “Why don’t you meet me outside.”

But Aposhian's attorney says the ex-wife is a “disgruntled ex-wife” who is upset that Aposhian got joint custody of their daughter.

“This couple is embellishing and changing their story,” says Mitch Vilos.

His attorney says that memorial week-end was much ado about nothing.

“There never has been any allegations of a weapon,” Vilos says. “There was never any attempt by Mr. Meyer to discuss that. It was just a non-incident.”
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