Girls recovering after hit by car

Girls recovering after hit by car

MIDVALE Utah (ABC 4 Utah) - A girl who was hit by a driver claims she saw the man texting seconds before being hit by him.
MIDVALE Utah (ABC 4 Utah) - Three girls are lucky to be alive after getting hit by a car.

Police say the driver of the vehicle may have been texting as he hit the girls who were in a crosswalk.

One of the girls, ten year old Stacy Smith was well enough to go to school today where she was the talk of Midvale elementary.

"Everybody asked me what happened and I told them I got ran over by a car," says Smith.

She suffered a road rash after hitting the street. She was one of three girls crossing a street when police say a driver hit them.

Jennifer O'Dell didn't know Smith or the third girl but was crossing the street at the same time. She saw the driver.

"His head was down and his hand was like this and texting and not paying attention because his head was down," she says.

Police also claimed the driver was texting. O'Dell doesn't remember much after being hit. But she sustained injuries to her head, face, shoulder and leg.

"I sat up and I felt my face and looked at my hand and it was all bloody," she says.

Police say they are still investigating and at some point will bring charges against this driver. But Unified Police spokesman Justin Hoyal says the charges may not amount to much.

"We can only charge him with a Class C or possibly Class B misdemeanor," says Lt. Hoyal.

He says the law doesn't cover an adult who is texting while driving. Ironically, the state legislature passed a law that applies only to teen-agers. But that amounts to a $25 fine.

O'Dell's mother says that's not right.

"For this to only be a misdemeanor and hitting three girls, that's got to be more than a misdemeanor," says Alycia Leyba.

As for Smith, she's got this message for the man who hit her.

"It made me very mad at that man and his phone," she says.

Lt. Hoyal says it will be several weeks before crime scene investigators complete their report.
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