Former Trooper says Steed troubles well known

Former Trooper says Steed troubles well known

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 News) - Troopers steered clear of Lisa Steed according to a former UHP officer who worked with her.
SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 News) - It was Lisa Steed's ability to make DUI arrests that earned her a promotion.

That's what a former UHP sergeant claims.

Martin Luther Turner was a sergeant at the same UHP Murray division where Steed was assigned to.

Steed is currently under investigation for filing bogus DUI drug arrests.

Turner found her DUI citations puzzling.

"(They were) Extremely out of the ordinary because of the extreme number of arrests she was making," Turner says. "(It was) an impossible number."

Many of Steed's DUI drug arrests were declined by prosecutors.

Turner handled that paperwork issued by prosecutors and says those rejections confirmed the rumors about Steed.

"Her actions were pretty well known by all officers that worked around her," he says. "So that word spread around the agencies."

He met with another sergeant who started tagging along with Steed on her DUI runs.

According to a memo writtne by Sgt. Rob Nixon addressed to his supervisor, he found that in 20 DUI drug arrests made by Steed she claimed there was impairment, marijuana odor and dilated pupils.

But Nixon learned in 11 of those arrests toxicology tests showed no evidence of drugs in the suspect's system.

He wrote in a memo to a supervisor:

"This is something that needs to be addressed before defense attorneys catch on and her credibility along with the dui squad's credibility is compromised."

The memo was sent to his supervisor Lt. Steve Winward.

When ABC 4 News asked him about that memo he responded: "That's currently under ivnestigation and we're not commenting on it at this time."

What bothered Turner was his belief that upper management looked the other way.

"Nobody would address it because they were happy with the (results)," Turner says. "It makes them look good."

Turner also faces trouble with his superiors.

Tuesday, he was charged with a misdemeanor.

He's accused of giving a radar gun to a West Bountiful police officer.

In addition, he allegedly gave a taser to the officer.

"He worked the Legacy Highway to (I gave him the radar to) try and enhance the safety aspects of that highway.

He thought it was for a good cause and denies he didn't do anything wrong.

Turner says that as an officer back then, he had authority to issue equipment ... even to someone outside the Utah Highway Patrol.

"By policy I felt I was fully within my right as a command officer to allow another agency officer to use the equipment."

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